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Trasimeno Music Festival, formed by the happy fruition of two beautiful but originally distant things: on one side the world-renowned Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt, and on the other, the Umbrian town of Magione, on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, celebrated this year its 10th edition (July 5th to 11th 2014). Ten years in which FAZIOLI pianos have been constantly at the TMF's side.
The concerts took place at the Castle of the Knights of Malta in Magione, at the Basilica Superiore of San Francesco in Assisi, at the Basilica of San Pietro in Perugia and at the Auditorium San Domenico in Foligno.

A pre-festival concert featuring young gifted musicians took place in early July in the Piazzetta of San Savino in Magione and two special concerts were held at the Teatro Caporali in Panicale and at the the Teatro Cucinelli.

The Trasimeno Music Festival has been rated by the national and foreign press as "one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe" and as "one of the best music festivals in Italy."
With this happy union between local and international elements, the life of the Association is diverging into more widespread activities, with lecture-demonstrations held in schools, discussions with authors who write about music in their work (Ian McEwan, Vikram Seth), masterclasses with young pianists (Perugia, Spoleto), and Friends Associations being formed around the world - a reflection of the worldwide attention that characterizes both Angela Hewitt and the festival.

More info: www.trasimenomusicfestival.com

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