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FAZIOLI in Tel Aviv for the Rubinstein Competition

The 14th Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition
May, 13-29, Tel Aviv

The first time of FAZIOLI Company at the Arthur Rubinstein in Tel Aviv ends in a very positive way. Infact, five out of the six finalists chose to play on a FAZIOLI piano for their last performance.
Thirty six where the pianists coming from all over the world that competed for one of the most important prizes in pianist lifetime, but just one got the first prize. Here's the winners:

Antonii Baryshevskyi: 1st Prize
Steven Lin: 2nd Prize
Leonardo Colafelice, Andrejs Osokins & Maria Mazo: 3 Finalists Prizes

Prize for the Best Performer of Classical Concerto: Leonardo COLAFELICE
Prize for the Best Performer of Chamber Music: Seong-Jin CHO & Andrejs OSOKINS
Prize for the Best Performer of a Chopin Composition: Leonardo COLAFELICE
Prize for the Best Performer of the Israeli Composition: Antonii BARYSHEVSKI
Audience Favourite Prize: Maria MAZO
Junior Jury Prize: Seong-Jin CHO
Advanced Studies Grant for the most outstanding pianist up to 22 years of age: Leonardo COLAFELICE

After joining the Chopin Competition in Warsaw (2010) and theTchaikovsky Competition in Moscow (2011) as technical partner, FAZIOLI has been proud to accept the invitation from Tel Aviv for the 14th edition of "The Rubinstein", where the competitors are given the possibility to chose among two different instruments (from two different piano makers).
Only 5 competitors chose the Italian piano from the first stage. Among them, the Russian Maria Mazo, who passed to the final. However, after Maria Mazo's performance of the Mozart Concerto for piano and Orchestra KV 467, the situation completly changed, with 4 more finalists deciding to "leave" the piano chosen at the beginning and switching to FAZIOLI - a F278 selected at the factory in Sacile by Daniil Trifonov (winner of the last edition of the Rubinstein Competition).

To learn more about this Competition, please visit: http://www.arims.org.il.

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