International Piano Competition Alessandro Casagrande

Fedrico Gad Crema, Aristo Sham, Emanuil Ivanov

International Piano Competition Alessandro Casagrande
Teatro Secci, Terni
19-25 May 2019

Only the 28 pianists selecthed after the pre-selections will compete on May 19-25 at Teatro Secci in Terni, Umbria, for the final stages fo the historical International Piano Competition Alessandro Casagrande.  All rounds will be open to the public and will judged by a prestigious international Jury: Julian Martin (Chairman - U.S.A.), Christian Debrus (France), Eteri Andjaparidze (Geprgia), Carlo Guaitoli (Italy), Alexey Lebedev (Russia), Andrea Lucchesini (Italy) and Graham Scott (U.K.). Pianists who will make to the final round will play with Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese.

To the winners: a prize of 35,000 euros and a tour of concerts.

Fazioli will be technical partner of the Competition.

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