Fazioli Pianoforti

First phase

The Factory
Fazioli Pianoforti | The Factory
Fazioli Pianos has been producing grand and concert grand pianos since 1981, when the company was established by the engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli.
The Forest
Fazioli Pianoforti | The forest
The Val di Fiemme, is situated in the heart of the Western Italian Alps. Between the 17th and the 18th centuries, the celebrated violin maker Antonio Stradivari used the wood from this red spruce forest for his violins
The Rim
Fazioli Pianoforti | The Rim
The first phase in constructing a piano begins by forming the rim, which is made in two layers, internal and external. The internal rim, which is lower, is made by stacking together 5mm thick lengths of solid maple, which is then bent around special moulds to form its characteristic shape.
The Frame
Fazioli Pianoforti | The Frame
The load-bearing frame of the piano is attached to the internal rim, a front cross-piece is applied and a metal joint fitted; the reinforcing bars are then fitted into the joint and connect to various points on the rim. The bars are made of three lengths of spruce which are glued together in a way to guarantee maximum stability.
The sound board
Fazioli Pianoforti | The sound board
The sound board is made by laying several lengths of red spruce, cut from the trunk using the quarter sawn method, side-by-side and gluing them together. After passing a rigorous selection process the 1cm thick lengths, which are between 8 and 12cm wide, are chosen by the highly specialised Fazioli technicians.
Diaphragming the sound board
Fazioli Pianoforti | Diaphragming the sound board
Before moving on to the next phases in the production process, the sound board is planed down further at the edges in order to increase its mobility.
Gluing the ribs
Fazioli Pianoforti | Gluing the ribs
The sound board is now a very flexible membrane. In order to reinforce the sound board small crosspieces known as ribs, which are also made of red spruce, are attached perpendicularly to the grain.
Measuring the curvature
Fazioli pianoforti | Measuring the curvature

Both before and after gluing the artisans make sure that the curvature of the board is accurately measured along each rib in order to ensure that the rigorous parameters set out in the design have been achieved.

Planing down the ends of the ribs
Fazioli Pianoforti | Planing down the ends of the ribs

After gluing to the board, the ends of the ribs are planed down to a specific profile which gives the board better and more controlled elasticity resulting in better acoustic efficiency.

Gluing on the bridges
Fazioli Pianoforti | Gluing on the bridges
The two bridges are glued onto the board simultaneously using another special press; by compressing them on a purpose-made mould the board obtains its "double curvature".


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