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Irene Veneziano

May 2 - 8:45 pm (*)


Irene Veneziano, already considered one of the rising stars of the Italian pianism (she has won around thirty piano competitions), has established herself on the international level after being classified as a semifinalist in the “Chopin Competition” of Warsaw in 2010. Born in 1985, Irene boasts a flawless résumé: all her awards have been gained with maximum marks and honors: from the degree achieved at the “Istituto Musicale Puccini” in Gallarate to the 2nd level academic degree achieved at Milan Music Conservatory; from the chamber music master at Imola Accademy to the “Piano Improvement” at the “Accademia di Santa Cecilia” in Rome under the guide of Sergio Perticaroli.
In 2009 she achieved also the degree of  “Music Didactics” in Milan.
She has also an intense chamber music activity: in January 2011 she made her debut at the “Teatro la Scala” in Milan, together with some leading members of the theatre’s orchestra, winning a great success in the public and also for the critics. Besides performing regularly in Italy, is important to notice that the doors of the international career of Irene are now open: her recital has already reached Paris, Singapore, Seoul, Warsaw, Los Angeles, Ottawa and many other important cities.
Various relevant broadcasters and newspapers have spent interviews and close examinations on her experience as an emerging artist.

The communication this pianist has with the audience is always emotionally warm and affectionate. She always presents herself to the eye so elegantly too. It is clear Irene Veneziano loves music rather than self-serving display and brings a welcome breath of modesty, culture, charm, refinement, poetry and dare I say it, the sensibility of the feminine.

Michael Moran


Scherzo n. 2 in Si bemolle minore, op. 31
Notturno in Fa diesis maggiore, op. 15 n. 2
Polacca in Fa diesis minore, op. 44
Ballata n. 1 in Sol minore, op. 23


dai Préludes (Premier livre):

  • La Cathédrale engloutie
  • La fille aux cheveux de lin
  • Minstrels

Children’s corner

  • Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum, Modérément animé
  • Jimbo’s Lullaby, Assez modéré
  • Serenade for the Doll, Allegretto ma non troppo
  • The snow is Dancing, Modérément animé
  • The Little Shepherd, Très modéré
  • Golligogg’s Cakewalk, Allegro giusto

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