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15° Arthur Rubinstein international Piano Master COmpetition

Tel Aviv, Israel
April 25th - May 11th 2017

From the upcoming April 25th, a FAZIOLI grand piano will be back on stage at the prestigious “Arthur Rubinstein international piano master competition” in Tel-Aviv, where candidates will have the opportunity to choose it for the different stages of the competition. FAZIOLI's first experience at the Rubinstein Competition dates back to 2014, at the last edition, when the piano especially selected at the Factory for this important event, was chosen from 5 out to 6 finalists, that preferred it over the other brands for their last performance: the piano concerto.
The 15° edition will see on stage 32 pianists coming from all over the world. As usual, competitors will have to face two stages before reaching the finals, where they will have to play a chamber concerto, a classical concerto, and a grand concerto. For the winner, 40.000 $ and various concerts.

For more information about the Competition, please visit: www.arims.org

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